No.1 Android player Sony Ericsson?

CEO of Sony Ericsson said that the company is aiming to evolve as the no 1 Android player in the world. Sony Ericsson has the required tools to become a leading Android player

Edge Of Sony Ericsson

With devices like Xperia Play and plans to penetrate further in the USA market can give Sony Ericsson the much needed platform to evolve as dominant Android player. With the company showcasing Xperia Arc at CES, it grabbed the attention of the Android industry. With Xperia Arc, it made its intensions clear that it is ready to roll out devices which were equipped with latest Android software.
Xperia Arc was a major handset apart from Google Nexus S to run on Android 2.3 gingebread. Other handsets of the company like Xperia Pro and Neo also featured Gingerbread OS. Support from carriers will also play an important role in the company’s plan to evolve as a strong player in Android. With Xperia Play being offered by Verizon Wireless, the company has started off on a good note.
Roles of other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile are also going to be important for the company. With Sony Ericsson making its plans pretty clear for Android, other cell phone manufacturers are also expected to come out with their Android strategy.

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