Facebook Introduced Facial Recogination

Facebook is proud to announce that the social media giant now has integrated facial recognition in its online platform. This new system allows content to be match with faces for an easier way to tag photos. Although tagging is still done by your friends, the new facial recognition software detects the face and pushes it like an advertisement on the right hand side of your friends’ screen.
This new system allows for quick and efficient tagging for those moments where you wish you could tag but don’t feel like being stranded down to the computer all day. This feature was previously available to only North American consumers, but now is available for the rest of the world to utilize.
ZDNet explains how to update your settings for the new facial recognition software:
    1. Go into your facebook privacy settings. 2. Underneath the scatter-graph of boxes, click Customize settings. 3. Under Suggest photos of me to friends, click Edit settings. 4. Facebook automatically enables this feature. On the dialog box, select whether you want the feature to be enabled or not. Click Disable if you do not want it. 5. Press OK and it is automatically done.

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