The Biggest Cat in The World:

The Biggest Cat in The World
The question of the biggest cat in the world is not a simple one cause there are so many hybrid species but also extraordinary examples within quite ordinary species.

Here is one of each – one belonging to the domestic species and one belonging to the hybrid species.
First there is a story of a cat called Snowball, which is a domestic cat – quite an “ordinary” species – but this cat is extraordinary as can be. It is incredibly large. Snowball is a pet of Rodger Degagne who found two kittens (those kittens grew up and gave birth to several kittens and one of them was Snowball). Today it is quite an old female cat – nearly 10 years old, and with each year she became bigger and bigger.
It weights as much as 39 kilograms! Even the neighbor dogs are very careful not to say a bit frighten by this cat. As an explanation to her irregular size, the veterinarian said it might be caused by the thyroid, but since the cat is not fat, that’s probably not the case.
Then there is an interesting example of an extremely large cat hybrid. It is officially the biggest cat in the world. It is called the Liger and it came from a tigress and a male lion. Not only it is the largest cat in the world, which is a feature that came from both lion and tiger, but it also inherited more features from both. However, regardless of their strength and skills inherited from both crossed species, they live in captivity.
An average liger female weights more than 330 kg and can be more than 3 meters long. As they get older, they get bigger and bigger. There were records about nearly 800 kg female liger which lived for 23 years! There are more examples similar to this one, so it definitely confirms that the hybrid species’ health is not that fragile as believed.

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