Osama bin Laden Killed In Pakistan:

President Obama announced Sunday night that Osama bin Laden is dead.Nearly ten years after the United States invaded Afghanistan in response to the attacks on 9/11, Al-Qaeda’s top commander was killed by American ground forces at a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, the president said. “Tonight, I can report to the American people and the world that the United States conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children,” said the president. Obama also confirmed the U.S. is in possession of Osama’s body. “On nights like this one,” Obama said, “we can say that justice has been done.” The status of Ayman al Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s second in command, is still unclear. The announcement comes at a time when Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s unpopular government is increasingly being seen as unstable and corrupt. It was also announced on the day the Taliban launched their spring offense with a suicide attack that killed three people, while armed attackers shot and killed two police officers in a separate incident.


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