World’s Best :Hong Kong International Airport.

The Hong Kong International Airport was called the world’s best for the seventh year in an anniversary analysis of passengers, with Asian airports assertive the top positions in the list. The anniversary analysis conducted by Skytrax, a U.K. based consultancy, board airports on added than 40 categories, baronial them afterwards accession 8.2 actor questionnaires completed by cartage over a 10 ages period. The cartage advised 190 airports on factors like shopping, dining, agents courtesy, accoutrements commitment and wait-times at security, letters the Hong Kong, with its acceptability for ability and comfort, baffled airports in Singapore and Seoul, South Korea, which ranked additional and third respectively. Also in the top 10 were airports in Kansai, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Airports in Europe – Munich, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Zurich, Switzerland; and Helsinki, Finland – took best of the actual top spots. Cape Town, South Africa angled out the account at No.10. Missing from the account were any airports in the United States.


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